Bethalynne is an eccentric bird who wanted to be a mermaid by the time she was four, a Jedi by the time she was eight and eventually to populate her own world of make-believe there after. Drawing since the first time she wanted to emulate her big brother's artwork, she spent a good share of her young life doodling to the point of excluding much of her every day mundane details. And when the sad restrictions of growing up were foisted upon her she turned to that drawing and writing to make her imaginary friends and landscapes into full fledged illustrated stories. At first she simply drew the pictures and wrote short stories to go along with them -until she discovered the world of comics (and the scandalous -for a kid- magazine Heavy Metal courtesy of big brother leaving one out) and realized she could incorporate the two together. She's been pouring her vivid imagination into all forms of expression ever since. Her personal site here is a quick jaunt to all of her projects, blog and professional portfolio.

Artist professional details: Bethalynne's proper biography can be found here. A list of her credits, publications, events and general hoopla can be found here. Bethalynne has a rather informal solicitation process for projects and commission requests - simply email her at the address below with your needs, budget and time frame. A variety of her current catalog of work is available for use as well. Please inquire -again- to the address below. One thing you should keep in mind -and something she likes to warn people about- Bethalynne has a bit of the touchy-health, as she calls it. Sometimes this keeps her offline for short spells and her inbox can get quite stuffed and her correspondence gets delayed. She apologies in advance for any delays in responding. She also works along side of her hubby, fellow artist Myke Amend, who has a portfolio to compliment and rival hers. They are available for joint projects, web design and often attend conventions as a duo.

Lastly? Quick links to anything of importance to the artist. And thank you for stopping by!

CONTACT: bluegirl (at)


PROJECTS: Sepia Stains Tarot | Insects & Angels | Etta Diem's Attic | The Black Ibis | Tenebre

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